5word5 theme 14 – Smash

The next theme is “Smash“.

If you’re new to my blog and wondering what is 5word5 or just want to refresh the rules, I have a pretty detailed intro post that you can read and get up to speed here!

As always, send in your 5word5 stories by Monday night and I will publish it on my blog on Tuesday along with the next theme! Go ahead – Unleash your creativity!!

5word5 theme 13 – Peak

As a Libran, one of my earliest associations with the scales (interestingly, the only inanimate object representing a zodiac sign) was not the state of equilibrium that they are usually depicted to be in; but the amount of vigorous vacillation that they go through to get there, the numerous ups, down and in-betweens – peaks and troughs if you will. That’s what I associated most with!

We all go through peaks in our life – physical, mental, emotional, financial, intellectual, sensual and across every other state of our existence! There is usually a time of day when we are at the peak of our productivity, a time of the year when we are at the peak of happiness and satisfaction, a time in our life when we can grasp almost anything whether it’s learning a new instrument or 2 new languages at once! An interesting quote about peaking in life is this:

“Paradoxically, the man who has failed and the one who is at the peak of success are in exactly the same position. Each must now decide what they will do next!”

Kano Jigoro

Another of my early associations with Peak is when I was introduced to the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility (“LDMU”) in Economics way back in grade 9. One of the few economic theories to be used quite colloquially, this law states that as consumption increases, the utility or satisfaction from each incremental unit beyond a certain point keeps on decreasing. This is usually illustrated with the example of an apple or a chocolate – you eat 1 chocolate, you’re happy. You eat 2 chocolates, you’re happier. Three chocolates, happier – until you eat, say, 10 chocolates. Until this point every additional chocolate made you happier but the incremental happiness from chocolate number 2 was, in theory, much more than the incremental happiness from chocolate number 10. This is the LDMU at play. Beyond chocolate number 10, every incremental chocolate would actually make you less happy – which basically means your happiness peaked at chocolate 10!

This applies not just to food, but to various other situations as well. Your level of interest in a meeting or any activity is always more at the start, peaks and then starts decreasing the longer the activity goes on (day-long meetings anyone?? after a point, aren’t you just looking forward to the breaks?!).

Similarly for stress – a certain amount of stress is good for you, they say (I don’t!). Upto a certain stress level, your productivity, efficiency and ability to deal with it goes on increasing. But there comes a breaking point beyond which the stress tends to debilitate you more and more as it piles on.

Digressing just a wee bit – I realised that this fundamental concept has actually been introduced to children very early on (though obviously in generic terms) in the kids book ‘The very hungry caterpillar’. I realised this when I started reading it to my toddler! So Mr. Caterpillar starts off very hungry and on day 1 eats 1 apple, on day 2 he eats 2 pears, 3 plums on day 3, 4 strawberries on day 4 and 5 oranges on day 5. On day 6, he overindulges in a heap of party food (cake, ice cream, lollipop, cheese, what-not) which gives him a bad stomach-ache! Everything was fine till day 5 until which point, the caterpillar just kept getting more and more satiated with the increasing variety and quantity of food. After which it just went downhill very quickly!

Speaking of downhill, another interesting thought about hitting the peak of success that often comes up in debates (especially in group discussions at interviews in B-schools or around the start of your career!) is that once you have achieved this, do the means you took to get there matter or is it just the end that’s all-important? Does the end justify the means? I think it depends on what you define as success and what your individual definition of right and wrong is. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

My post on Peak would be incomplete if I didn’t refer to a game that I was hooked on to for quite some time, before I got hooked onto something else. I’m a sucker for puzzles and brain-games so Peak is something I really recommend if you’re on the same path as me! Peak is a wonderful game developed by neuroscientists with various types of activities to focus on memory, language and critical thinking! ‘Androidians’, Check it out here. It’s available for Apple iOS as well.

Before you completely abandon your plans to read the rest of this post, I’ll jump right on to the 5word5 stories – starting with mine which has nothing to do any of the interpretations of ‘Peak’ that I described above. Talk about walking on eggshells (pun unintended ;-))!

Images courtesy Google. Collage courtesy Befunky.com


The recipe said “break eggs, separate whites, whisk till stiff peaks form”.
She subconsciously related:
The shell to the body, a brittle exterior;
The whites to the mind, uncoloured and objective;
The yolks to the heart, gooey and ready-to-melt!
Without the heart, the mind, much like the whites, may withstand pressure but eventually hardens up!

Dhiraj (blog)

That cone up there is where they were on the way to reach.
They were at the peak of their physical powers.
But as they say in sport you need to peak at the right time or else you will fizzle out.
This wasn’t Everest, the amateurs’ mountain. This was K2, world’s most dangerous peak.

Anusha Arvind

A few baby steps
Exploring places with my tiny legs
Curiosity seeps in
Perseverance to the brim

The musical sounds from the utensils
Sometime the bells’ jingle
The creaking noises from the furniture
Are some new things I discover

Climbing new peaks
Playing Hide and seek
Growing up by the week
Slowly beginning to speak

Badmaash Dil

“A peak of happiness follows a sea of sorrows!” In that sense, she should be soaring that peak now.
After sailing an ocean of anguish, the first touch of happiness was here but something troubled her, clouded her mind and kept pulling her back. She had to let go of this complex to reach there.

Badmaash Dil

The night was mystic, filling him with a myriad of emotions as he waited for her in the balcony.
He rehearsed his talk once more. Romance was definitely not his forte or was it? He smiled at his own crazy thoughts. His heart touched the peak of bliss while his mind warned “Stay in control!”


Govind and Lakshmi were on a Field Trip to Rajasthan with their college friends. It’s the peak wintertime during which you can see a lot of tourists. Students mainly travelled to Jaipur & Jodhpur. They took many memorable photographs with the people who live there for several years and learned new information about each place.


Next theme coming up right away!

5word5 theme 12 – Influence

I think there’s a very thin line between influence and inspiration . Influence is an external nudge – whether by a person, an emotion, a thing or an idea. Whereas inspiration is completely internal. When you are influenced by someone or something, you are usually following whereas when you are inspired, you tend, more often than not, to lead!

No matter how much we may want to deny it, we are all influenced by people, things and events in our life and none of us is truly self-made!

And then there’s the question of being positively and negatively influenced. I believe that the influence is always neutral; it’s our reaction to it that determines whether it is positive or negative for us. Usually something we only realise in hindsight!

Of late, social media is full of influencers – constantly telling us about the latest trends in fashion, electronics, technology, lifestyle and much more. Influencers in marketing today are what door-to-door to salesmen, TVC skyshop and other teleshopping used to be in the early nineties! Don’t get me wrong – I follow a lot of them and love to see their posts on my feed. But I really need to keep my instincts and wallet in check to ensure I don’t buy (literally or figuratively) everything I see!

Also, be wary when you are under the influence (of any substance) – of what you say and what you do. And definitely, don’t drink and drive!!

Here are the 5word5 for the day!

Images courtesy Google. Collage courtesy Befunky.com


Those glass orbs with people inside them that you get in souvenir shops always remind me of the astrologer’s crystal ball. I feel each of us lives within our own crystal ball, bound somehow by our history, choices and destiny – our little sphere of influence that no one from the outside can truly understand!

Dhiraj (blog)

Ms X used her influence to get Mr Y the position of Head Influencer at Influencer.com. But English is a very funny language – I can use the word influence to describe Mr Y, when he was under the influence seeing the energy of a photon in fluence, when he got the call for the interview.


Ananya & Ravi owns a YouTube channel called “Celebrity”. Main idea of this channel is to disclose celebrities’ success stories and to debate on a few reality shows. Many started commenting that they both influence people. But they took it in a positive way. Still they continue as YouTube celebrities and attend many public functions.

Julie P

“After-all, Art imitates life”, he concluded to a thunderous applause. Decades ago, he was amongst the many who stood in the hot sun with a canvas on an easel making replicas of famous paintings outside of this very art gallery. His current work was a pastiche of classical paintings.
Only the price tags had extra zeroes.


Sara and Tara are very good friends. Once when shopping, Tara had picked up a dress, influenced by Sara, though it was not her type of dress. Every time, Tara thinks of wearing it, she tries it on, feels uncomfortable, and ends up wearing something else.
> Decide for yourself. Don’t let anyone else influence you.


The most influential people in my life are my family. They have taught me to be honest, work hard to achieve your goals, share and care, respect everyone and most importantly love and value relationships. A positive influence helps us to have a better tomorrow. So ensure that your closest people are influencing you positively!

My musings

I was introduced to “How to make friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie at an impressionable age when I favoured fiction. It was my first self-help book.
Initially, I was hesitant to read but the book has its merits and some pertinent, easy to implement suggestions which interestingly became part of my personality forever.

Anusha Arvind

A smile on her face
She was a ball of grace
Spoke through her expressive eyes
Her dance would mesmerize
So swift and crisp were her moves
Perfect balance of innovation and brilliance
With plenty of elegance
She wanted to be of some influence
Through her dance she charmed her audience
With extraordinary stage presence


Next theme is already up!

5word5 theme 11 – Unfair

This week’s theme appears to have been unfair to some of you (pun intended) seeing as I only have a few entries!! I hope, dear readers, you are not unduly ‘influenced’ (you’ll see why this is in quotes, shortly!) by this and only feel more motivated to contribute to the next theme!

Lots of things in life are unfair. Heck, Life is unfair! The grass is always greener on the other side. Someone always has better or bigger (or both!) stuff to show off when you are celebrating your achievements. Someone always has more money than you, no matter how well off you (unless you are Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, Ambani closer home or someone in their league). And someone always seems to get away with everything when all you seem to get into in trouble!

But as they say, it all evens out in the end. Though today may seem unfair (and perhaps it is), we realise at some point that everything is relative and the only thing that matters is how far we have come from where we started!!

On that deep gyaan-filled note, here are the handful of 5word5 shorts I received on this theme! Enjoy reading them and feel free to add your shorts in the comments if you get inspired!


Rina (in the cab): Would you like paratha, biryani or noodles for dinner, darling?
Aria: Obviously noodles, mummy! But I don’t want capsicums, zucchinis or peas in mine. Just onions, tomatoes and corn please.
Kumar dropped them off and got home an hour later to his wife, kids and their humble dinner of rice porridge.

Dhiraj (blog)

All is fair in love and war, but is it,
The cry for war is generally by someone who thinks it’s unfair,
The despaired lover usually cries out victimhood because it’s unfair,
However Fair or Unfair it may seem, the only real justice is to move on,
Move on to greater things, love and paradise.

Anusha Arvind

It was her special day. She won the award for best actress. Flooding with fame, she added glory to her name. She faced plenty of challenges that came. She dealt with it all causing no shame. Life was unfair sometimes but she shined at the end and proved to be a master of her game.


Vishnu and his teammates always give their best shot to their projects. But he genuinely feels that pay scales in the company are imbalanced. Many of them are paid less while others favouring his manager are paid more. He tells his CTO about this unfair treatment in the hope that he will be their champion.


5word5 theme 10 – Neutral

Below are some of the dictionary definitions of ‘Neutral’:
1. not supporting or helping either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartial
2. having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features.
3. pale grey, cream, or beige
4. a disengaged position of gears in which the engine is disconnected from the driven parts
5. Neither acidic nor alkaline (in chemistry)

Basically, ‘Neutral’ refers to a state of rest, a kind of equilibrium where external influences are not at play.

Your car in neutral is disengaged from the engine and therefore at rest. A neutral colour palette usually doesn’t go wrong – whether it’s for a party or a more sombre occasion. A neutral cleaning solution (in chemistry terms) does not react easily with external factors and is therefore healthier, easier on your skin – really, Google it or read more about it here!

Neutrality in a court of law is paramount, otherwise people would lose faith in the judiciary. Being neutral in relationships is hard, especially when you are emotionally invested with people on both sides – divorce, breakups, strained relationships always bear down heavily on more than just the two people involved. Staying neutral and avoiding impulsive reactions when agitated or provoked can save many unnecessary confrontations and unpleasant interactions.

Net neutrality was a big deal some time back though it got pushed into the back burner with other issues subsequently (CAA/NRC, Covid….). Should you get faster internet and access to wider and better content if you pay more or are a commercial client as opposed to an individual user or based in a tier 1 city rather than a tier 2 city? Or should all users of internet be treated on par?

There is a lot of emphasis on carbon neutrality these days – lead a green life by reducing your carbon footprint. Here’s a ready reckoner I often find myself going back to on some easy-peasy ways to lead a more sustainable life!

Gender-neutrality is another buzzword in organizational communication nowadays. Gender-neutral language is language that minimizes assumptions about the social gender or biological sex of people referred to in speech or writing. And gender-neutrality is the idea that policies, social construct and gender roles should not distinguish between people based on their gender. Less judgement all around can never be a bad thing, can it?!

Political neutrality, much like staying neutral in personal relationships, is when a nation decides to remain neutral and not participate in the ongoing conflicts of other warring nations. At an individual level, being politically neutral or apolitical is having no political affiliations or biases. But neutral politics is nothing but an oxymoron!

With all those different applications of Neutral, let’s dive right into the 5word5 stories that we all came up with! Being theme 10 of the series, I was really hopeful of getting at least 10 entries but looks like I’ll now have to wait for silver jubilee to do a ’25 @ 25′ sorta thing!!

Images courtesy Google. Collage courtesy befunky.com


Only he had both the means and skills to change the fate and face of the country. The ruling party needed his brains but only as a puppet in their shrewd hands. And the unscrupulous opposition needed him for their image makeover. Choosing either would be a disservice. So he quietly moved to another country.

Dhiraj (blog)

Never should you encourage partisanship,
Even if it’s your best friend or nearest kin,
Under the Hammer they are to establish Guilt,
The law can take a while,
Rarely should your judgement be indiscriminate,
All said and done, us and them doesn’t tire,
Losing friends is fine, if they are the ones dousing the fire.

Anusha Arvind

The noise level had surpassed tolerable limits. The constant drill and banging sounds from the new neighbours made her extremely furious. Everyone in the building was complaining but she decided to stay neutral about it. In a few days, she found out that her new neighbour was partially deaf. Sometimes silence is the better option.

Julie P

The catalogued evidence pointed towards the accused. A perfect murder by jilted ex-lover of a certain community. A section of the media had already declared the verdict. Even Malti uttered those dreaded words last night. A strong motive seemed amiss. That would be the litmus test for the verdict, his religious beliefs and professional principles.

Nimesh Balaji Shinde

As night creeps in…
emotions seep in…
You lie down…
Scrolling through the screen…
Mind wanders aimlessly…
Thoughts change gears in your head…
and suddenly they switch to neutral…
The world goes numb…there’s no stopping of your scrolling thumb…
Lost love
Lost opportunity
Lost friendship…
Every night you get Lost in the same neutral routine….

Vibha Laljani

A Classic
Two cats were fighting over a cake. A passerby monkey offered impartial resolution by splitting the cake into 2 halves. The monkey got the split slightly uneven, took a bite to try to even it out, got it uneven again and repeated the process till the cake was gone. Was the monkey neutral?

My musings

Aruna and her Mom were very attached. But her Dad wasn’t wrong in the many ugly fights that ended in a divorce. She was torn apart emotionally.
Nothing heals like time. Now five years later, she has earned from both her parents unequivocal love, trust and respect for her impartial mature behaviour in the past.


Jaanvi was reading a book called “Walking on Eggshells”. Suddenly, she overheard someone yelling. She was puzzled about what’s happening around. Her parents were screaming at each other. She wanted to cry desperately, but she maintained being calm and reminded herself to be neutral. Jaanvi gave a bottle of water to them and resumed reading.


Next theme coming your way…..

5word5 theme 9 – Green

Green grass; green veggies;
Green trees, shrubs and leaves;
Green with envy; green like the grinch;
Green moss or larvae, and other things that make you flinch!
Green bins to reduce, reuse, recycle,
Green kitchen gardens to consume fresh;
Green in the rainbow, green in the seaweeds;
Green is what the brown earth, desperately needs!

I didn’t intend for that intro to be a 5word5 poem but that’s exactly what it turned out to be!

I was not a huge fan of the colour green until recently – largely because I always associated green to reptiles like boa constrictors and creepy crawlies like frogs, grasshoppers, and especially worms when I see them crawling out of some veggies (peas, cauliflowers….Ughhhhh)! But then, I’ve seen more trees than boa constrictors, I love my green veggies and I bought a couple of outfits in beautiful shades of green recently. Yeah, that’s what it took to make me realise I actually like the colour!

To be honest, green is a colour that’s next to impossible to hate. You have to be a really one of a kind to hate the lush greenery and the beautiful green sights that a weekend getaway to the hills affords you – why are you in the hills anyway?!

Moving on to the 5word5 …..

Images courtesy Google. Collage courtesy befunky.com


Nadia’s mother effortlessly grew capsicums, chillies, tomatoes and more just by throwing the seeds into a soil-filled pot each she time she used those veggies. But Nadia didn’t inherit her green thumb. So, to add a dash of greenery to her home, she decided to pick some low-maintenance bamboo shoots and succulents from the nursery!

Dhiraj (blog)

Some thoughts about all things green,
Americans call their money – green,
Rachel was a green,
Blue and Yellow make green,
The color blind like me know that the grass is green,
On the other side, the grass is always green,
And a word from Mother Earth to all Humans, stop being mean, just go green.

Anusha Arvind

She sat there still
Looking out through her window sill
Awestruck by the lush green
The sun hiding from the scene
It was all so serene
The dew drops settling on the window pane
A peacock sneaks into the lane
A break far from the mundane
It was a visual treat
For a nature freak!


Jishnu & Jaanvi agreed to meet tomorrow for their first dinner date. Jishnu came early to the Rooftop restaurant, just to confirm if the place is ideal for them. Jaanvi promptly arrived. Surprisingly, both were dressed in Green & Black. After their romantic dinner, they both decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Nimesh Balaji Shinde

Hari bhari yeh duniya…
Jali jali si kyun hai?
Kali phuli thi kahin…
Murjhai hui ab kyun hai?
Prakriti ki neeti…
Insaan pe hai beeti…
Santulan jo bigda…
Pada maar humko tagda…

Dosto…!!! samay hai phisalta…
Aur ghar mera hai jalta…
Sambhal jaoo yaaron…
Ped lagaooo pyaron…
Jali hui yeh duniya, ab jald hari banaoo…!!!

And on that note, I have my first entry for 5word5 in Hindi!! Loving the diversity!

My musings

Beautiful landscapes bewitch our sight and tempt our weary feet to soak in the feel of soothing soft grass. While one may hesitate to disturb the pristine beauty, the signboards forbade it in some places.
Elsewhere, a similar set up but neither strictures nor guilt is visible in the well littered layout. Beware if barefooted.


Next theme is now up – Which thinking hat are you going to wear today?!

New year greetings!

2020 turned out to be a milestone year in my blogging repertoire – I published the maximum posts this year! Yay! So happy to share this with all of you and I owe huge thanks to you lovely bunch for following my blog and continuously motivating me to write more and better.

The highlight of the year as far as my blog goes was the launch of the 5word5 series (if you’ve just landed on my blog and don’t know what this is about, head over to this post to know more)! Thanks for accepting it wholeheartedly and contributing your beautiful bytes on the 8 themes we had this year. I look forward to many more in 2021.

That said, I thought it’s only fitting that my new year wishes for you this year should also be 55 word bytes! So here are my new year wishes for you in 6 crisp 5word5 shorts.


If you and your loved ones have been healthy through 2020, consider yourself blessed. I do! 2020 reiterated to me, loud and clear, never to take my health for granted again or that of the people I love. I pray 2021 blesses you and your folks with the best of health – physical, mental and spiritual!


It hasn’t been easy, this past year. And all of us have had our own set of challenges to deal with. But amidst all of that, we’ve all had silver linings – People, things and events that have kept us strong and perhaps, even made us stronger! Strong enough to ace whatever 2021 has in store!


Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst, says ancient wisdom. 2020 knocked this lesson into our brains hard and deep – through everything, hope’s one thing that never left our side. I hope 2021 gives wings to all your hopes, aspirations and dreams; and you, the courage to see them through to fruition!


Every now and then, life throws us a curveball. We can choose to duck and miss for sure or dive and stand a chance! In the darkest times, the smallest actions can make the biggest difference! I hope in 2021, you make the right choices that make your and your folks’ lives happier and richer!


The only things that’s predictable about life is that it’s unpredictable! We saw that in 2020. I pray that you’re able to embrace any change that comes your way in 2021 or in the years ahead with positivity! I hope you see the opportunity in every setback, because let’s face it – life’s full of them!


Above all, if there’s anything 2020 has taught us repeatedly, it’s to be grateful! I hope you find joy in everything – big or small – in your life! Trust that the future will be better than the past but don’t forget to enjoy the present in the process! Count your blessings, spread smiles and be kind!!

Here’s wishing every one of my lovely readers a sparkling new year full of good health, happiness and fun! Happy 2021!!

Do keep following my blog, contributing to 5word5, commenting on my posts and spreading love 🙂 I look forward to engage better and more in 2021!

5word5 theme 8 – Gift

Here are the last 5word5 stories for 2020! It’s clearly holiday season, going by the number of entries I’ve received!! Hoping to ramp it up again in the new year! Meanwhile – if inspiration strikes, feel free to leave your 5word5 story on ‘Gift’ in the comments section and I will be happy to include it in the post – as a year-end gift to you! 😛

(Edited to add: There were three entries excluding mine originally. I received entries through the holiday season which are now updated on this post. This theme is now closed for further entries although you are always welcome to post your additional 5word5 stories in the comments!! )

Who doesn’t love a gift?! Call me materialistic but I am a sucker for the smell of wrapping paper, satin ribbons, pretty cards….the works! Not just the actual gift, but the entire process of gifting is something I truly enjoy right from choosing the gift and making it personal wherever possible, thinking of a nice message to put on it, choosing the wrapping paper, deciding how to wrap it so that it’s not easily “guessable”, hiding it till the right moment (and hiding my sneaky smile also to avoind giving away the surprise) and finally seeing the expression of the recipient on finding the gift, then opening it!!

But I also love those gifts that are not wrapped and don’t wait for occasions, like:

  1. my mom giving me coffee when I need it without me asking for it; a long conversation with the husband that gives me a new perspective on something that’s been clouding my mind; a word of encouragement and appreciation from dad; an unexpected call from a friend, a colleague covering for me at work when I am on leave – the gift of having people to love and care for me.
  2. Unexpected rain providing temporary heat relief, finding a flower/fruit/vegetable blooming in the kitchen garden, the birds chirping to signal daybreak – bountiful and endless gifts of nature!
  3. Good health, fortune, peace, prosperity, unexpected good news, small joys – gifts from above!
  4. And of course gifts of the loveliest kind that some of you have described in your 5word5 stories below!

In this festive season – I hope you, all of my readers, are blessed with gifts, both the wrapped and unwrapped kinds and that 2021 brings you everything you need and want!

I must also add – if you’re looking for lovely gifting ideas, my friend Little miss Elf is doing a splendid job of making moments special so feel free to reach out to her!

Festive post and new year greetings coming up soon. Meanwhile, enjoy these stories, send yours if you’re inspired and get set to send in more for new themes in 2021!


She was a gifted talker. She could talk to anyone, younger or older than herself and about any subject under the sky. So it wasn’t usual for her to be speechless. But that is exactly how the little glittering gold band with a diamond on it at the bottom of her wine glass left her!

Dhiraj (blog)

What is a Gift ?
In a long week, not having one shift,
After years of strife, hearing its end of the rift,
After climbing 10 floors up, going down using the lift,
Getting a job, after going through the interview sift,
Starting a fantastic New year, with the gift of ending a year of thrift.

Anusha Arvind

Spend time doing what you like
May be go for a hike
Take out sometime for your loved ones
Be thankful for what comes
Cook for your spouse
May be clean the house
Appreciate each other
Let go of the little things that bother
Let’s be straight
The gift of today is a miracle mate!


Storywriter Vishnu supported various old-age homes by providing food & clothing during the pandemic period. He got affected by Covid-19 and recovered after 14 days. Post recovery, he gave his blood plasma to Covid patients. He has eventually saved several lives. The greatest gift to give your loved ones is your Health, Happiness and Love.

Julie P

Not her mother’s skin tone, not her father’s flamboyance. Not her grandmother’s piousness, nor her grandfather’s righteousness. Nothing could save her. None of that mattered anymore. Her last name nor her bank balance. This was her last resort. She possessed a special gift, that of empathy. She quietly signed her last wishes for organ donation.

Nimesh Balaji Shinde

Behind every gift there’s a will to give…
Behind every peace there’s a need to forgive…
Free will and Human needs are gifts which should be appreciated by everyone, but never be misused…
In the end life’s all about giving and forgiving the right individual at the right time to earn the gift of peace…!!!

Bala R (blog)

She obeyed. Eyes tightly shut.

Maybe an iPhone. Maybe a Labrador. Maybe tickets to Seychelles. Oh my God! Maybe he’d be on his knees to propose. Am I ready for this? Maybe no!

“You can open your eyes now! I know you ran a marathon behind those closed eyes! You’ve arrived. Welcome to the Present!”

My musings

Selflessly contributing for an individual in need or a social betterment project touches me the most.
People give up their robust career and march ahead single mindedly, ready to tackle obstacles on the way.
We all work hard but to devote totally for something with no personal gain is indeed a worthy gift to possess.

5word5 theme 7 – Treat

It was such a TREAT to read your stories that showed the different ways you treat the word!! I also got to know a tad bit more about what “treat” means to you so perhaps I’ve learnt just a liiiiiitttle more about what would be the best way to treat you in way that you would appreciate!!

Whether it’s treating a wound or a soul, treating yourself, others or nature, a treat for the eyes or a treat for the tummy – there’s no denying that to treat is to give love!! (Unless you become a monster’s treat……hee haa haa haa!)

Side note – It’s important to treat others with respect and love – but also remember to treat yourself with the same!

Also, every once in while, treat yourself to something that makes you feel good – whether it’s a unique experience (travel/adventure, etc), a food craving or meeting someone with whom time flies by!

And never forget – the real treat is to be alive 🙂

On that note – let’s jump headlong into the theme!!

Images courtesy Google | Collage courtesy befunky.com


When she saw the gory wounds of the unsuspecting victim, Amina felt a rock drop to the pit of her stomach. Rape was disgusting by itself but the savage nature of attack on her patient was horrific. The physical wounds she could treat, but how would she ever help her recover from the mental trauma?

Dhiraj (blog)

Picture this. There are two kids on either side of the bench. A game is on. The best friends in the right corners. It’s intense – It’s Pen fight for crying out loud. The patience, the cunning. A pen has fallen down, there is a winner. And the Best friend goes – “Treat, Treat, Treat!”.


Nature’s bounty is self replenishing gift.
Have we abused it mercilessly?
Did it retaliate with cyclones, storms, tsunamis and what not?
Did we still relent?
Did nature resort to it’s biological weapon – Corona?
Has the lockdown healed some wounds inflicted on nature?
Will we keep paying till we learn to respect nature?
Food for thought.


I opened the door and she asked ‘trick or treat’, as I enveloped her in a dazed hug. “Treat, it is”, I said! Lovely conversation, a hearty meal together and then she left. She did give me my treat – the pure joy of seeing that sweet little girl now transformed into a gorgeous lady!


Govind is competing in Quarterfinals of the National KickBoxing championship. Meanwhile, his wife is in hospital to deliver their first baby.
In the ring, the antagonist kicks Govind and in the labor-room, the baby kicks from the mother’s womb. Overwhelmingly, Govind wins the match while the prince arrives.
It’s a double treat for the couple.

Anusha Arvind

These challenging times have been an eye opener. How a bug can totally bug us? Well all said and done we have gotten used to the new normal and embraced change. Lessons learnt of which the biggest one is gratitude. Personally knowing my loved ones and myself are alive and safe is the biggest treat!

Julie P

Trick or treat”, he exclaimed. The fate’s heavy scales tricked some poor souls. A large number were treated under careful supervision. Whilst others, were fortunate enough,to retreat into their cosy homes. It was a real treat to not commute every single day. “It’s so unfair!”, someone said. Well, it has been. From time immemorial.


Tiara goes to office thinking of ways to make the evening special for her husband. It was their wedding anniversary. Inserting the key to open the door upon returning, she is surprised to find it unlocked. She sees her dear daughter has already made a lovely arrangement to make the day special – a real TREAT.

Tushar Shrivastava

Is this the way to yourself, treat?
In your diet, you always cheat
The food you like the most is sweet
You ignore the healthy food but hog on the food from the street
Will there ever be a time when you and your health goals ever meet?
Is this the way to really treat?

Nimesh Balaji Shinde

Trick or treat
Let’s move to the beat…
It’s a season to be merry…
So do not be in a hurry…
Spread the Christmas cheer…
It’s that time of the year…
Ho ho ho ha ha ha…
Make a wish to your Secret Santa…

Always believe in the Magic of Christmas…
Merry Christmas to all…!!!


Last theme for this calendar year coming up next – Look forward to keep this fun activity going throughout 2021 and eagerly look forward to all of your beautiful 5word5 stories!! Keep them coming, spread the word and keep having fun – because I’m enjoying these thoroughly 🙂 🙂

5word5 theme 6 – Laughter

After the intensity of the previous theme (i.e. downfall), some light hearted comic relief was required. Hence the next theme of Laughter!

It is the season be merry and happy so here’s adding a bit of cheer to your day – and thanks for adding some to mine with your lovely 5word5 stories! Keep ’em coming!

Images courtesy Google/ Collage courtesy befunky.com


Her lease was coming to an end and she had to decide quickly. The building was old and in shambles. Having just got promoted at work, she could definitely afford a better place. But then, her days wouldn’t start with the smile that the infectious roar of her society’s Laughter Club put on her face!

Anusha Arvind

She wore a smile on her face
Carried herself with grace
Simplicity was her charm
She intended no harm

Nonchalant she was in many ways
Slow and steady was her pace
She made her way into everyone’s hearts
Definitely a special art

Come what may
Laughter all the way
That was her motto in toto!!

Dhiraj (blog)

Robin Williams died of depression. I guess when you give away a lot of something to others, you are left with none. The irony – he was the doctor of Laughter. His prescription was always the same – Laughter as medicine. So if you stocked everything during the pandemic, stock loads of this dopamine enhancer for 2021.

Tejas S

The COVID quote on a van said, “A laughter behind a mask is disheartening! It hides the true joy” reading this made the woman smile, who was behind the burkha. “Hidden joys can be a blessing! Atleast there is joy! Otherwise, some masks are just stained with tears” She thought grimly behind her moist veil.


Ravi, Ananya and Lakshmi are waiting for the clock to strike 7. In the next hour, fun time begins for them. Habitually, they plan one Tiktok per day, after the office hours. Other employees appreciate them. The place will be filled with laughter. Nowadays, neither Tiktok nor office space is there, hence excitement is missed.

Julie P

“Chop, chop”, yelled the knife. “I will be ready in five”, pleaded the microwave. The salad had a dressing down from pungent vinegar. Meanwhile, the oven whispered about its little bun. “That’s too much pressure”, exclaimed the cooker. “Slowly, does it,” reassured the curry pot. Then, they headed out in adjacent room full of laughter.


A tinkling laugh to hear
Is music to the ear
A hearty guffaw
Many just follow
Suppressed mirth
Sometimes brings a froth
A braying one
Please don’t hone
Comic relief in a giggle
To get out of a wriggle
Wanting to throttle
A person’s chortle
A full genuine one of many
Makes it very merry.

Bhuvi Dhamecha

10-year-old Shivani’s mother had taught her that any problem can be solved by smiling and laughing.

Shivani was vacationing with grandma. An intruder hit their house late at night. He was entering Shivani’s room. Remembering mommy’s words, she burst into screeching, nervous laughter – startling him.

Meanwhile, grandma came with a bat and knocked him out.

Anusha Arvind

Charles sat with his wife and friends in the patio for tea. They decided to play a game of word building. Soon, they formed a string of words. This was testing their power to recollect. Rose was the last word. Charles turned to his wife and said “Rose! Now what was the last word again?!

Aditya Arora

After a long, stressful day, his smiles and kisses make me forget about my shitty ass day. Spending even a few minutes with him, just fills me up with joy and laughter. The unconditional love and innocence will make your heart melt and demand many more cuddles.

Nimesh Balaji Shinde

He was waiting for his appointment with the patients. He knew, chemotherapy always takes a toll on the young ones. Though tired, they always looked forward to his meetings. This time he was fully equipped with his medicine. A Joker entered their room and the medicine was served. This heavy dose always made them happy 🙂