5word5 theme 11 – Unfair

This week’s theme appears to have been unfair to some of you (pun intended) seeing as I only have a few entries!! I hope, dear readers, you are not unduly ‘influenced’ (you’ll see why this is in quotes, shortly!) by this and only feel more motivated to contribute to the next theme!

Lots of things in life are unfair. Heck, Life is unfair! The grass is always greener on the other side. Someone always has better or bigger (or both!) stuff to show off when you are celebrating your achievements. Someone always has more money than you, no matter how well off you (unless you are Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, Ambani closer home or someone in their league). And someone always seems to get away with everything when all you seem to get into in trouble!

But as they say, it all evens out in the end. Though today may seem unfair (and perhaps it is), we realise at some point that everything is relative and the only thing that matters is how far we have come from where we started!!

On that deep gyaan-filled note, here are the handful of 5word5 shorts I received on this theme! Enjoy reading them and feel free to add your shorts in the comments if you get inspired!


Rina (in the cab): Would you like paratha, biryani or noodles for dinner, darling?
Aria: Obviously noodles, mummy! But I don’t want capsicums, zucchinis or peas in mine. Just onions, tomatoes and corn please.
Kumar dropped them off and got home an hour later to his wife, kids and their humble dinner of rice porridge.

Dhiraj (blog)

All is fair in love and war, but is it,
The cry for war is generally by someone who thinks it’s unfair,
The despaired lover usually cries out victimhood because it’s unfair,
However Fair or Unfair it may seem, the only real justice is to move on,
Move on to greater things, love and paradise.

Anusha Arvind

It was her special day. She won the award for best actress. Flooding with fame, she added glory to her name. She faced plenty of challenges that came. She dealt with it all causing no shame. Life was unfair sometimes but she shined at the end and proved to be a master of her game.


Vishnu and his teammates always give their best shot to their projects. But he genuinely feels that pay scales in the company are imbalanced. Many of them are paid less while others favouring his manager are paid more. He tells his CTO about this unfair treatment in the hope that he will be their champion.


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