5word5 theme 9 – Green

Green grass; green veggies;
Green trees, shrubs and leaves;
Green with envy; green like the grinch;
Green moss or larvae, and other things that make you flinch!
Green bins to reduce, reuse, recycle,
Green kitchen gardens to consume fresh;
Green in the rainbow, green in the seaweeds;
Green is what the brown earth, desperately needs!

I didn’t intend for that intro to be a 5word5 poem but that’s exactly what it turned out to be!

I was not a huge fan of the colour green until recently – largely because I always associated green to reptiles like boa constrictors and creepy crawlies like frogs, grasshoppers, and especially worms when I see them crawling out of some veggies (peas, cauliflowers….Ughhhhh)! But then, I’ve seen more trees than boa constrictors, I love my green veggies and I bought a couple of outfits in beautiful shades of green recently. Yeah, that’s what it took to make me realise I actually like the colour!

To be honest, green is a colour that’s next to impossible to hate. You have to be a really one of a kind to hate the lush greenery and the beautiful green sights that a weekend getaway to the hills affords you – why are you in the hills anyway?!

Moving on to the 5word5 …..

Images courtesy Google. Collage courtesy befunky.com


Nadia’s mother effortlessly grew capsicums, chillies, tomatoes and more just by throwing the seeds into a soil-filled pot each she time she used those veggies. But Nadia didn’t inherit her green thumb. So, to add a dash of greenery to her home, she decided to pick some low-maintenance bamboo shoots and succulents from the nursery!

Dhiraj (blog)

Some thoughts about all things green,
Americans call their money – green,
Rachel was a green,
Blue and Yellow make green,
The color blind like me know that the grass is green,
On the other side, the grass is always green,
And a word from Mother Earth to all Humans, stop being mean, just go green.

Anusha Arvind

She sat there still
Looking out through her window sill
Awestruck by the lush green
The sun hiding from the scene
It was all so serene
The dew drops settling on the window pane
A peacock sneaks into the lane
A break far from the mundane
It was a visual treat
For a nature freak!


Jishnu & Jaanvi agreed to meet tomorrow for their first dinner date. Jishnu came early to the Rooftop restaurant, just to confirm if the place is ideal for them. Jaanvi promptly arrived. Surprisingly, both were dressed in Green & Black. After their romantic dinner, they both decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Nimesh Balaji Shinde

Hari bhari yeh duniya…
Jali jali si kyun hai?
Kali phuli thi kahin…
Murjhai hui ab kyun hai?
Prakriti ki neeti…
Insaan pe hai beeti…
Santulan jo bigda…
Pada maar humko tagda…

Dosto…!!! samay hai phisalta…
Aur ghar mera hai jalta…
Sambhal jaoo yaaron…
Ped lagaooo pyaron…
Jali hui yeh duniya, ab jald hari banaoo…!!!

And on that note, I have my first entry for 5word5 in Hindi!! Loving the diversity!

My musings

Beautiful landscapes bewitch our sight and tempt our weary feet to soak in the feel of soothing soft grass. While one may hesitate to disturb the pristine beauty, the signboards forbade it in some places.
Elsewhere, a similar set up but neither strictures nor guilt is visible in the well littered layout. Beware if barefooted.


Next theme is now up – Which thinking hat are you going to wear today?!

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