New year greetings!

2020 turned out to be a milestone year in my blogging repertoire – I published the maximum posts this year! Yay! So happy to share this with all of you and I owe huge thanks to you lovely bunch for following my blog and continuously motivating me to write more and better.

The highlight of the year as far as my blog goes was the launch of the 5word5 series (if you’ve just landed on my blog and don’t know what this is about, head over to this post to know more)! Thanks for accepting it wholeheartedly and contributing your beautiful bytes on the 8 themes we had this year. I look forward to many more in 2021.

That said, I thought it’s only fitting that my new year wishes for you this year should also be 55 word bytes! So here are my new year wishes for you in 6 crisp 5word5 shorts.


If you and your loved ones have been healthy through 2020, consider yourself blessed. I do! 2020 reiterated to me, loud and clear, never to take my health for granted again or that of the people I love. I pray 2021 blesses you and your folks with the best of health – physical, mental and spiritual!


It hasn’t been easy, this past year. And all of us have had our own set of challenges to deal with. But amidst all of that, we’ve all had silver linings – People, things and events that have kept us strong and perhaps, even made us stronger! Strong enough to ace whatever 2021 has in store!


Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst, says ancient wisdom. 2020 knocked this lesson into our brains hard and deep – through everything, hope’s one thing that never left our side. I hope 2021 gives wings to all your hopes, aspirations and dreams; and you, the courage to see them through to fruition!


Every now and then, life throws us a curveball. We can choose to duck and miss for sure or dive and stand a chance! In the darkest times, the smallest actions can make the biggest difference! I hope in 2021, you make the right choices that make your and your folks’ lives happier and richer!


The only things that’s predictable about life is that it’s unpredictable! We saw that in 2020. I pray that you’re able to embrace any change that comes your way in 2021 or in the years ahead with positivity! I hope you see the opportunity in every setback, because let’s face it – life’s full of them!


Above all, if there’s anything 2020 has taught us repeatedly, it’s to be grateful! I hope you find joy in everything – big or small – in your life! Trust that the future will be better than the past but don’t forget to enjoy the present in the process! Count your blessings, spread smiles and be kind!!

Here’s wishing every one of my lovely readers a sparkling new year full of good health, happiness and fun! Happy 2021!!

Do keep following my blog, contributing to 5word5, commenting on my posts and spreading love 🙂 I look forward to engage better and more in 2021!

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