5word5 theme 8 – Gift

Here are the last 5word5 stories for 2020! It’s clearly holiday season, going by the number of entries I’ve received!! Hoping to ramp it up again in the new year! Meanwhile – if inspiration strikes, feel free to leave your 5word5 story on ‘Gift’ in the comments section and I will be happy to include it in the post – as a year-end gift to you! šŸ˜›

(Edited to add: There were three entries excluding mine originally. I received entries through the holiday season which are now updated on this post. This theme is now closed for further entries although you are always welcome to post your additional 5word5 stories in the comments!! )

Who doesn’t love a gift?! Call me materialistic but I am a sucker for the smell of wrapping paper, satin ribbons, pretty cards….the works! Not just the actual gift, but the entire process of gifting is something I truly enjoy right from choosing the gift and making it personal wherever possible, thinking of a nice message to put on it, choosing the wrapping paper, deciding how to wrap it so that it’s not easily “guessable”, hiding it till the right moment (and hiding my sneaky smile also to avoind giving away the surprise) and finally seeing the expression of the recipient on finding the gift, then opening it!!

But I also love those gifts that are not wrapped and don’t wait for occasions, like:

  1. my mom giving me coffee when I need it without me asking for it; a long conversation with the husband that gives me a new perspective on something that’s been clouding my mind; a word of encouragement and appreciation from dad; an unexpected call from a friend, a colleague covering for me at work when I am on leave – the gift of having people to love and care for me.
  2. Unexpected rain providing temporary heat relief, finding a flower/fruit/vegetable blooming in the kitchen garden, the birds chirping to signal daybreak – bountiful and endless gifts of nature!
  3. Good health, fortune, peace, prosperity, unexpected good news, small joys – gifts from above!
  4. And of course gifts of the loveliest kind that some of you have described in your 5word5 stories below!

In this festive season – I hope you, all of my readers, are blessed with gifts, both the wrapped and unwrapped kinds and that 2021 brings you everything you need and want!

I must also add – if you’re looking for lovely gifting ideas, my friend Little miss Elf is doing a splendid job of making moments special so feel free to reach out to her!

Festive post and new year greetings coming up soon. Meanwhile, enjoy these stories, send yours if you’re inspired and get set to send in more for new themes in 2021!


She was a gifted talker. She could talk to anyone, younger or older than herself and about any subject under the sky. So it wasnā€™t usual for her to be speechless. But that is exactly how the little glittering gold band with a diamond on it at the bottom of her wine glass left her!

Dhiraj (blog)

What is a Gift ?
In a long week, not having one shift,
After years of strife, hearing its end of the rift,
After climbing 10 floors up, going down using the lift,
Getting a job, after going through the interview sift,
Starting a fantastic New year, with the gift of ending a year of thrift.

Anusha Arvind

Spend time doing what you like
May be go for a hike
Take out sometime for your loved ones
Be thankful for what comes
Cook for your spouse
May be clean the house
Appreciate each other
Let go of the little things that bother
Let’s be straight
The gift of today is a miracle mate!


Storywriter Vishnu supported various old-age homes by providing food & clothing during the pandemic period. He got affected by Covid-19 and recovered after 14 days. Post recovery, he gave his blood plasma to Covid patients. He has eventually saved several lives. The greatest gift to give your loved ones is your Health, Happiness and Love.

Julie P

Not her mother’s skin tone, not her father’s flamboyance. Not her grandmother’s piousness, nor her grandfather’s righteousness. Nothing could save her. None of that mattered anymore. Her last name nor her bank balance. This was her last resort. She possessed a special gift, that of empathy. She quietly signed her last wishes for organ donation.

Nimesh Balaji Shinde

Behind every gift there’s a will to giveā€¦
Behind every peace there’s a need to forgiveā€¦
Free will and Human needs are gifts which should be appreciated by everyone, but never be misusedā€¦
In the end life’s all about giving and forgiving the right individual at the right time to earn the gift of peaceā€¦!!!

Bala R (blog)

She obeyed. Eyes tightly shut.

Maybe an iPhone. Maybe a Labrador. Maybe tickets to Seychelles. Oh my God! Maybe he’d be on his knees to propose. Am I ready for this? Maybe no!

“You can open your eyes now! I know you ran a marathon behind those closed eyes! You’ve arrived. Welcome to the Present!”

My musings

Selflessly contributing for an individual in need or a social betterment project touches me the most.
People give up their robust career and march ahead single mindedly, ready to tackle obstacles on the way.
We all work hard but to devote totally for something with no personal gain is indeed a worthy gift to possess.

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