5word5 theme 7 – Treat

It was such a TREAT to read your stories that showed the different ways you treat the word!! I also got to know a tad bit more about what “treat” means to you so perhaps I’ve learnt just a liiiiiitttle more about what would be the best way to treat you in way that you would appreciate!!

Whether it’s treating a wound or a soul, treating yourself, others or nature, a treat for the eyes or a treat for the tummy – there’s no denying that to treat is to give love!! (Unless you become a monster’s treat……hee haa haa haa!)

Side note – It’s important to treat others with respect and love – but also remember to treat yourself with the same!

Also, every once in while, treat yourself to something that makes you feel good – whether it’s a unique experience (travel/adventure, etc), a food craving or meeting someone with whom time flies by!

And never forget – the real treat is to be alive 🙂

On that note – let’s jump headlong into the theme!!

Images courtesy Google | Collage courtesy befunky.com


When she saw the gory wounds of the unsuspecting victim, Amina felt a rock drop to the pit of her stomach. Rape was disgusting by itself but the savage nature of attack on her patient was horrific. The physical wounds she could treat, but how would she ever help her recover from the mental trauma?

Dhiraj (blog)

Picture this. There are two kids on either side of the bench. A game is on. The best friends in the right corners. It’s intense – It’s Pen fight for crying out loud. The patience, the cunning. A pen has fallen down, there is a winner. And the Best friend goes – “Treat, Treat, Treat!”.


Nature’s bounty is self replenishing gift.
Have we abused it mercilessly?
Did it retaliate with cyclones, storms, tsunamis and what not?
Did we still relent?
Did nature resort to it’s biological weapon – Corona?
Has the lockdown healed some wounds inflicted on nature?
Will we keep paying till we learn to respect nature?
Food for thought.


I opened the door and she asked ‘trick or treat’, as I enveloped her in a dazed hug. “Treat, it is”, I said! Lovely conversation, a hearty meal together and then she left. She did give me my treat – the pure joy of seeing that sweet little girl now transformed into a gorgeous lady!


Govind is competing in Quarterfinals of the National KickBoxing championship. Meanwhile, his wife is in hospital to deliver their first baby.
In the ring, the antagonist kicks Govind and in the labor-room, the baby kicks from the mother’s womb. Overwhelmingly, Govind wins the match while the prince arrives.
It’s a double treat for the couple.

Anusha Arvind

These challenging times have been an eye opener. How a bug can totally bug us? Well all said and done we have gotten used to the new normal and embraced change. Lessons learnt of which the biggest one is gratitude. Personally knowing my loved ones and myself are alive and safe is the biggest treat!

Julie P

Trick or treat”, he exclaimed. The fate’s heavy scales tricked some poor souls. A large number were treated under careful supervision. Whilst others, were fortunate enough,to retreat into their cosy homes. It was a real treat to not commute every single day. “It’s so unfair!”, someone said. Well, it has been. From time immemorial.


Tiara goes to office thinking of ways to make the evening special for her husband. It was their wedding anniversary. Inserting the key to open the door upon returning, she is surprised to find it unlocked. She sees her dear daughter has already made a lovely arrangement to make the day special – a real TREAT.

Tushar Shrivastava

Is this the way to yourself, treat?
In your diet, you always cheat
The food you like the most is sweet
You ignore the healthy food but hog on the food from the street
Will there ever be a time when you and your health goals ever meet?
Is this the way to really treat?

Nimesh Balaji Shinde

Trick or treat
Let’s move to the beat…
It’s a season to be merry…
So do not be in a hurry…
Spread the Christmas cheer…
It’s that time of the year…
Ho ho ho ha ha ha…
Make a wish to your Secret Santa…

Always believe in the Magic of Christmas…
Merry Christmas to all…!!!


Last theme for this calendar year coming up next – Look forward to keep this fun activity going throughout 2021 and eagerly look forward to all of your beautiful 5word5 stories!! Keep them coming, spread the word and keep having fun – because I’m enjoying these thoroughly 🙂 🙂

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