5word5 theme 6 – Laughter

After the intensity of the previous theme (i.e. downfall), some light hearted comic relief was required. Hence the next theme of Laughter!

It is the season be merry and happy so here’s adding a bit of cheer to your day – and thanks for adding some to mine with your lovely 5word5 stories! Keep ’em coming!

Images courtesy Google/ Collage courtesy befunky.com


Her lease was coming to an end and she had to decide quickly. The building was old and in shambles. Having just got promoted at work, she could definitely afford a better place. But then, her days wouldn’t start with the smile that the infectious roar of her society’s Laughter Club put on her face!

Anusha Arvind

She wore a smile on her face
Carried herself with grace
Simplicity was her charm
She intended no harm

Nonchalant she was in many ways
Slow and steady was her pace
She made her way into everyone’s hearts
Definitely a special art

Come what may
Laughter all the way
That was her motto in toto!!

Dhiraj (blog)

Robin Williams died of depression. I guess when you give away a lot of something to others, you are left with none. The irony – he was the doctor of Laughter. His prescription was always the same – Laughter as medicine. So if you stocked everything during the pandemic, stock loads of this dopamine enhancer for 2021.

Tejas S

The COVID quote on a van said, “A laughter behind a mask is disheartening! It hides the true joy” reading this made the woman smile, who was behind the burkha. “Hidden joys can be a blessing! Atleast there is joy! Otherwise, some masks are just stained with tears” She thought grimly behind her moist veil.


Ravi, Ananya and Lakshmi are waiting for the clock to strike 7. In the next hour, fun time begins for them. Habitually, they plan one Tiktok per day, after the office hours. Other employees appreciate them. The place will be filled with laughter. Nowadays, neither Tiktok nor office space is there, hence excitement is missed.

Julie P

“Chop, chop”, yelled the knife. “I will be ready in five”, pleaded the microwave. The salad had a dressing down from pungent vinegar. Meanwhile, the oven whispered about its little bun. “That’s too much pressure”, exclaimed the cooker. “Slowly, does it,” reassured the curry pot. Then, they headed out in adjacent room full of laughter.


A tinkling laugh to hear
Is music to the ear
A hearty guffaw
Many just follow
Suppressed mirth
Sometimes brings a froth
A braying one
Please don’t hone
Comic relief in a giggle
To get out of a wriggle
Wanting to throttle
A person’s chortle
A full genuine one of many
Makes it very merry.

Bhuvi Dhamecha

10-year-old Shivani’s mother had taught her that any problem can be solved by smiling and laughing.

Shivani was vacationing with grandma. An intruder hit their house late at night. He was entering Shivani’s room. Remembering mommy’s words, she burst into screeching, nervous laughter – startling him.

Meanwhile, grandma came with a bat and knocked him out.

Anusha Arvind

Charles sat with his wife and friends in the patio for tea. They decided to play a game of word building. Soon, they formed a string of words. This was testing their power to recollect. Rose was the last word. Charles turned to his wife and said “Rose! Now what was the last word again?!

Aditya Arora

After a long, stressful day, his smiles and kisses make me forget about my shitty ass day. Spending even a few minutes with him, just fills me up with joy and laughter. The unconditional love and innocence will make your heart melt and demand many more cuddles.

Nimesh Balaji Shinde

He was waiting for his appointment with the patients. He knew, chemotherapy always takes a toll on the young ones. Though tired, they always looked forward to his meetings. This time he was fully equipped with his medicine. A Joker entered their room and the medicine was served. This heavy dose always made them happy 🙂

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