5word5 theme 4 – Memory

Memory is indeed such a funny thing….. Over the centuries, it has gone from being stored in only and only our brains; to recording them in pictorial form on walls and glyphs, then in writing on wood/papyrus (latest being bullet journals or BuJos), ; to audio recording that helped to store voices; to the invention of the camera that could capture memory visually in pictures and then videos; to floppy disks, CDs and hard disks.

Memory has always been something that people have tried to store. For better or for worse, we don’t remember every little detail of our life.

We are living in a time when moments are missed in reality because we are trying to capture them in a picture. Trying to create a memory for the future without experiencing it in the present – this has got to be the greatest irony of the Insta age that we are living in!!

Anyway, without rambling any further, let’s get down to the diverse bunch of 5word5 stories you all sent……starting with mine!


As he waited in the lounge sipping his coffee, he heard the boarding call for his flight. He walked towards the aircraft leaving behind the country that had been his home for fifteen years. As the flight took off, he captured a mental image of the cityscape that he would carry in his heart forever!

Dhiraj (blog)

“I saw Maradona’s hand of god moment live, he should have owned up” said Anuj. “Oh you can think?” said Pooja sarcastically. “Referee didn’t see it, fair goal if you ask me.” Research says Memory is funny; what you remember may not be the whole truth, part of it may be a figment of imagination.

Ashokwahi.wordpress.com (blog)

There were some Random Thoughts in my mind. Was it Sport? Was it Memory?
What is happening to my memory🤔

Does it really matter whether it is Sport or Memory. I am sure Sloka would understand that it is her uncle’s birthday and he would be busy. I don’t even remember whether I had breakfast!

I have to say that’s the most interesting play on words from my blog that I’ve seen recently – thanks uncle!

Bala R (blog)

Memories are mummy ne jalebi banaya hai.. jalebiiii??
Memories are school time.. action ka school time..
Memories are Buland Bharat ki buland tasveer
Memories are kuch swaad hai zindagi me
Memories are dexter ki labratoryyyy
Memories are Friends, Shaktimaan, Small Wonder
Memories are Sharjah Cup
These were memories
Until it became 128 GB of RAM

Anusha Arvind

Learned to rise with every fall, to always stand tall
Leaning against the cracked wall
For a moment I freeze,
I see myself in the mirror, my hands shiver
Hair turned gray, wisdom some may say
Memory was beginning to fade away
How things change with age
I think as I write on this page!!


Our memory is so weird. We strive hard to remember and remind ourselves whereas certain things we equally try to forget but have no control over it.
If not for our memory, we wouldn’t be able to relive the happiest experiences and the poignant moments of our life repeatedly. Our memories are our own powerhouses!!


Eliza sat in her rocking chair, with the memory pod attached to an implant behind her head. She yearned to walk the fields behind her house where she grew up. She wanted to be taken back in time. The pod replayed the memory for her . Too bad the pod only saved memories without the emotions.


News of demolition of Maya’s childhood home brought back cherished memories of sharing, caring, adjusting and making a life.
In contrast, her home now housed each kid in a room necessitating a call for meals or discussions! Her attempt to provide her kids with all the amenities had left everyone in their own individual bubbles!!

Julie P

He set his brushes into motions,
Turmultous circular whorls.
Solid colours of sky blue oil,
A plain window to his inner turmoil.
Ah! What heartstrings does solitude touch!
Perhaps, a distant memory of a crooked church.
A picturesque rolling hamlet within a sight.
The fields fluttered round and round.
Touching upon a starry, starry night.

Vibha Laljani

One night Nandini saw a very vivid nightmare. Upon waking, she googled it for interpretation. She came across an archived news article from years ago. She opened it and found a picture alongside. When she found herself staring at someone who was her yet not her, she realized that her dream was a past-life memory.


Do you like to rewind yourself sometimes?
To the olden days.
No Computer or TV
and even Radio only for limited time
Pastime was playing games like langdi, cricket, kho-kho, seven-tiles outdoors;
Carrom, cards, business indoors
The clean, unpolluted air
Twinkling stars visible in the sky.
No skyscrapers, simple row houses.
Good old memories 🙂

Nimesh Balaji Shinde

A memory is a bridge to various emotions… If only we had the choice of keeping the ones, we want… things would have been easier… what if God had created us in a way, wherein when we die our memories in others mind also vanished… Oops then maybe, the murder rate would reach sky high…!!!


Ananya dropped her mobile phone and it got damaged. Even her heart broke down since it had special memories. The only thing that didn’t break was her SIM card & Memory card. She was glad that the memory card is safe. And it seems she had all her vital documents & candid photos in it.

Tushar Shrivastava

After giving it a long thought the entire day, finally he dropped her a message. He waited for 2 whole minutes and then deleted the text. He clicked on her WhatsApp DP and saw her happily posing with another guy. He let go a smile and closed the chat. Things end but memories last forever.


The little child calls me out in glee,
The old couple gift me a smile benevolently,
The youth walks past and I smile bashfully

All calling out to me,
On some I turn my back

A lane I visit and leave at will,
A pretty quaint lane called Memory,
Right by my side, anytime, anywhere


What fun that was…..reading all of your stories on Memory! Now get set to put on your thinking hats for the next theme…….

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