5word5 theme 3 – Sport

Sport – one word with so many possible usages! And your stories covered the gamut 🙂

Images courtesy Google. Collage courtesy befunky.com


The top two spots in the swimming championship were reserved for them, only the order changed every year. But that day, the crowds witnessed the true sportsmen in them, when Imran turned around mid-race to help a co-swimmer with seizures out of the water. And Manav flatly refused the gold medal though he finished first.

Aditya Arora

Being a SPORT is more important than winning. No one wins every match, even ndefeated champions like Mayweather or Nurmagomedov, were defeated earlier in their careers.
So, if you’re ever thinking of trying something new, don’t be afraid to lose. Enjoy being challenged by something fun and exciting. In the end, you might eventually win!

Dhiraj (blog)

The war paint has been worn, there are shrill cries all around – war chants. There is an air of nervousness. The prayers are on. The jets have just passed by. This is surely war. Out comes this knight all in black , showing off his legs, like the soldiers in colourful shorts. WELL, This is SPORTS !


Are you a sport ?
Do you play any sport ?
She was sporting a grey jacket
He took it very sportingly …
The tourists had a good sport today .. ( could be fishing or hunting)

This is one word with so many forms. But to write fifty five words on this is either too less or too much!

Bala R (blog)

‘That should be enough for the while. We both will come together to pick you up.’

‘But I am not done yet. I wanna play some more!’

‘You have played enough! Be a sport now and let the other kids play!’

Dejected, 2020 started its sojourn with Mrs. Short-Hand and Mr. Long-Hand of the Clock-Town.

Jumping Joe

My boss is a real sport!! A team player, with a head start and always in full swing, dodges the ball or takes it on the chin as required.
His plate is always full but enlists all hands on deck to go the distance. Eyes on the goal, makes his mark and shares the spoils.

Nimesh Balaji Shinde

It was his 21st birthday celebration… Everyone around was cheering for him… “You are a Man now… Come on Champ.. You can do it… be a Sport!!”
– If you were in his place then would you be a Sport? How many times have you given into peer pressure? Don’t always be a Sport, choose wisely!!

Anusha Arvind

She was a born athlete. With every sunrise she would sprint across the fields in the village with her bare feet. Her coach bought her a brand new pair of shoes. With joy she tied her lace and got ready for the Olympic race. The sport was her passion and winning was her only notion.


Nature of a person varies from each other. A jovial person tends to crack lot of jokes and sometimes even on the opposite person. But cannot digest if the same is done to him. If you can laugh at others, then you should be able to laugh at yourself too. C’mon now be a sport!!


Ravi wore his new birthday hoodie. He set off on his bi-cycle to buy some delicious sweets to distribute for his office mates. After reaching his office, he swiftly headed to the restroom to change his dress. As he opened the door, Ravi was sporting a Cab driver’s uniform, all set to perform his duty.

Julie P

Chilled Beer in one hand and buttery popcorn in other. The big screen setup and the lucky shirt was adorned. The match was going on strong. The undefeated Champions. “Move”, Rohit yelled with eyes glued to the telly. And suddenly a little palm hit his face. “Peekaboo! Daddy”. Rohit succumbed to a new sport instead.


The lockdown made her sit indoors. Days rolled into weeks and into months. Something wasn’t right, she didnt feel herself, but couldnt nail it. Then one day she went running after a long time. She felt fresh, energised and revitalised. Then it slowly dawned upon her that she missed all the sport in her life.


Next theme for your weekend activity is now up! Let the ink flow!

2 thoughts on “5word5 theme 3 – Sport”

  1. Hey Slo, apologies for the late entry. Here’s something I penned from my visit to Manchester United a few years back:

    As “This is the one” reverberated around the arena, he laid his eyes on the hallowed turf for the first time. With goosebumps, he started hallucinated epic moments from the past witnessed from far, right in front of him. Amongst different religions and colour, he felt one common love. That day, he lived his dream!


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