5word5 theme 43 – Privilege

The next theme for your writing exploits is “Privilege“, a rather relevant term in today’s times.

If you’re new to my blog and wondering what is 5word5 or just want to refresh the rules, I have a pretty detailed intro post that you can read and get up to speed here!

As always, send in your 5word5 stories by Tuesday and I will publish it on my blog along with the next theme! Go ahead – Unleash your creativity!!

5word5 theme 42 – Song

Music in general and songs in particular never fail to lift my spirits up. I could be going through the happiest moments or the toughest times but there’ll always be a song that can make me cloud out the noise and stress around me to calm me down and put a smile on my face! Does that happen to you?

I’m part of a musical hobby group at work (yea, EY is a great place to work!!) and coincidentally, today, a new thread was started on the group asking all members to come up with a song that is helping them maintain their calm in the middle of this crazy pandemic situation in India. There were a lot of great suggestions, mostly English classics and rock. I do have a few English favs but I’m more of a bollywood aficionado and my go-to songs are therefore mostly hindi Film music; occasionally Tamil and yes, sometimes English too.

My absolute go-to song since the past 3years or so whenever I’m in a terrible mood (due to work stress or other stress), is the song “Let’s break up” from Dear Zindagi or “The fight song” by Rachel Platten (do check them out on YouTube…links at the bottom of this post). I think they make good ones for this situation as well, though a tad aggressive maybe! Do let me know what is the go-to song on your playlist in the comments below and maybe I can do a whole post dedicated to a crowdsourced feel-good playlist! Help me, won’t you?!

And without further ado, here are the 5word5 of the day!!


Whether she was cooking, cleaning, working or thinking, she always had a song on her lips. She had a song for every person she met and a song for every situation she encountered. The voice in her head was always a song. And if she couldn’t remember a song, she could always make one up!!

Shruti Pimplikar (blog)

I was walking at night when I heard the song for the first time. The second time, I was in love. The third time, I felt hopeful. A few months later, it reminded me of the person I lost. Now, I listen to that song on a walk again.
One song. A multitude of memories

Shruti Pimplikar (blog)

She started writing her third story, armed with a beginning and an end. The beginning mirrored her life while the end was a wish for the future. Before she got to writing the rest, she looked for a name for her story. Just then, a song played on the radio. She had found the title.

Anusha Arvind

My heart whispers a song
Been consistent for long
Makes me strong
I reckon there’s nothing wrong,
Rhythmic in its beat
Naturally well paced
What are these secret sounds?
Lub dub lub dub it says
As the clock ticks away
With gratitude I pray
It’s a miracle and this song says
I am alive everyday!!


‘Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of pie’, she cooed. John couldn’t control his tears, his baby girl’s first stage performance and she was killing it! It was such a happy moment for him. 35 years later, he didn’t remember his name, or his daughter’s but every afternoon, he unfailingly hummed that song!


links to songs referred above:

Let’s break up – Dear Zindagi

The fight song – Rachel Platten

5word5 theme 41 – Power

Power – it’s such a small, simple word. And yet it amplifies any other word it associates with – powerful, powerhouse, horsepower, superpower, woman power, power up, power power nap (what I’m always thinking of at midday in a work from home setup!!), will power (what I don’t have enough of!), overpower and my favourite, empower!

There’s such an intense energy and vibe that that the word brings. That vibe is what we subconsciously associate with powerful people – the ability to raise the stature of those around them (“ability”, mind you! Not necessarily intent or action). Some people have a powerful personality – this could either be defined by their physical appearance and strength or by other attributes such as a booming voice, a sharp intellect, a sharp tongue, strong domain expertise, the ability to stand their own in the face of opposition either through aggression or through such an overpowering calm that’s almost like an assault on the soul! And of course, how can we ignore or forget the power that money brings?!

True power, though, is when you don’t let others have power over your life or your decisions. The knowledge that your thoughts and actions are so powerful that they can change your life, or someone else’s. The courage to take responsibility for those ideas, thoughts and actions knowing they will have consequences that may not always be what you planned. That’s when you’re truly powerful!

Onto the 5word5 of th day now!!


It’s not always the loud or the big
That signals power;
Sometimes it’s the silence, or the subtleties
That can make you cower;
The unsaid word, the unblinking stare,
A firm retort or a sarcastic dare;
A signature, a designation or a revered chair;
An order camouflaged as advice, that you see through, yet despair!

Shruti Pimplikar (blog)

His laugh was loud and hearty,
It sounded confident and calming.
Every time she heard that sound,
She had to stop herself from fawning.
She could not stop thinking of him,
Her heart was working time and a half,
She knew he was her one and only,
All because of the power of a laugh.

Shruti Pimplikar (blog)

A woman who almost lost her husband in a war.
A woman who raised strong, independent daughters in an orthodox world.
A woman who defied societal norms by choosing not to have a child.
A woman who raised her son like she would her daughter.
A neighbour. A mother. A friend.
All powerful. All inspiring.

Anusha Arvind

A mighty beast
Sits in the forest waiting for its feast
The gazelles are racing
With their heart beats pounding
It shakes its bouncy mane
Getting ready for its game
With strategy and power
Catches its prey with valor
It’s all natural
Just a matter of survival
Something I have witnessed only on discovery channel!!


5word5 theme 40 – Thread

With the Covid situation becoming so dire all around, our faith is hanging by a thread. But unfortunately, so is our patience.

Now, more than ever, is the time to ‘hang in’ and wait for this storm to pass. While we are at it, let’s ensure the thread of caution, common sense, care, concern and contribution run uniformly through all our actions and interactions to keep ourselves, our loved ones and our society as safe as we possibly can!

Keeping it short and sweet this time…..moving on to my 5word5… and the only other contribution from this series’ most consistent writer, Anusha!!! 🙂 🙂


Ivan sat in his threadbare apartment, beer in hand.
Pihu was sore from threading her eyebrows.
Mouni was threading her needle to knit after ages.
Raj was worried; his job was hanging by a thread.
This Zoom call was essential to pick up the threads from where they left last and to cheer them up!!

Anusha Arvind

Embroidered with memories
Designed with varieties
Created with novelties
Cut out the negativities
Hold up the positivities
Mix and match the possibilities
Shoulder your responsibilities
Vibrant colours for festivities
Wash away the difficulties
Suited for simplicity
Or glamorous like a celebrity
Each fabric threaded with precise destiny
Wear the garment called life with utmost integrity


5word5 theme 39 – Box

It was a strange dream. She was living in a box, sitting in front of the idiot box, eating pizza out of the box. She looked out of the window to find others living similarly too –
in boxes of cardboard with windows of bubble wrap. The garages were made of thermocol, gardens of shredded paper.

She woke up with a start. Yes, she was living in a concrete box even today – her tiny apartment with four walls, a ceiling and a floor. A stark contrast to the sprawling countryside farmhouse her parents had grown up in. But flashes of the cardboard houses she’d seen in her dream were still scary.

Coincidentally, it was Earth Day. Perhaps the Earth was giving her signs. She was doing too much online shopping; generating enormous amounts of packaging waste and leaving a huge carbon footprint. There were no boxes left unticked. Food, groceries, clothes, shoes, books, electronics – she literally bought everything online! She was the epitome of modern e-consumerism.

As she dwelt further on her dream, she remembered there were no trees in it. It was a world made of packaging waste. The thought of it made her so claustrophobic that she promised to make amends. She had to think out of the box to find a way to stop her impulse shopping immediately!

Easier said than done! For years she had been using the joy of unboxing her purchases as a metaphor for venting the thoughts and feelings that she kept boxed up in a remote corner of her mind. It was as if she needed to get something to let something else go – anger, fear or resentment.

The cardboard dream felt like someone had boxed her in the gut. Or perhaps like she opened a beautifully wrapped, ribboned gift in anticipation but was knocked out by a jack-in-the-box! A wake-up call that maybe she needed to find alternative eco-friendly ways to mend her wounds; instead of resorting to bouts of “therapy shopping”!

After the 5word5 based long form story intro I did on this post (Theme 34 – Deep), I was looking forward to another theme where I could do something similar because I’d really enjoyed writing that one.

So here’s another story format intro.

Ok, disclaimer, before you call me out! This is not really multiple 55-word stories but one story stretched over 6 paras of 55 words each! To that extent, it’s different from the earlier post on “Deep” where each para could have been a story in itself.

Hope you enjoyed reading this one too. Let me know in the comments!!

And now, over to the 5word5 of the day!

Images courtesy Google. Collage courtesy befunky.com


She decided to clear the attic after ages. She took out carton after carton of stuff that she couldn’t remember the last time she used. Until she came upon that box of memories – the photo albums, the stuffed toys and her favourite books that unleashed a stream of happy tears. The cleaning spree could wait!

Shruti Pimplikar (blog)

“Come with me to dinner tonight.”
She stared at the chat window in front of her. Was he officially asking her out?
“Stop smiling at your screen,” a message popped again in the tiny box in front of her.
She turned to see his stupid smug face looking at her.
“So?” Another message popped.


Diya had a few months to submit her thesis on “Betterment of the Aircraft’s Black Box”. There were many challenges she faced during R&D process. To strengthen her document, she spent a lot of time studying, attending classes and socializing with peers. Her sister was fascinated with the System Overview and Techniques in Diya’s thesis.

Julie P

Ten tiny tin soldiers marching on the street,
Left right, left right, they follow a beat.
Timmy tin soldier said to his mates, ” Let’s sail to the sea”.
But others laughed at his foolhardy.
So one night-time, quite determined,  Timmy pushed the little sail boat.
Out of the box, into the canal, making it float.

Anusha Arvind

The morning breeze caressed Nancy’s gentle skin. A little girl walked by looking a little grim. She was to receive a special parcel from her father. Nancy waited with the little girl. Moments later her father walked in with a box. The girl was overwhelmed. A little puppy popped out of the box. Indescribable joy!!


5word5 theme 38 – Miracle

One of my all-time favourite authors who livened up my childhood with his words and stories-Roald Dahl once said “Life is a series of tiny little miracles, notice them!”.

I live by that quote. Not taking anything for granted, never giving up hope and always believing that the right thing will somehow come to me at the right time. The thing is, even people who don’t believe in miracles hope for one at some point in their life.

And therefore, even today, in the worst of times that my generation (including a few before and a couple after me) are going through, we are all getting by one day at a time while still hoping for a better tomorrow – we’re being there for each other as much as we can subject to the constraints that distance and our physical indivisibility (the limitations that we can’t be in more than one place at one time) put before us. No, I’m not saying that we are in a situation where only a miracle can save us now. Even I am not THAT cynical! Not yet anyway!

But look on the bright side, isn’t it a miracle that we have gotten through more than one year of this? Who thought it’d go on this long? And if we’d known, would we have been able to get through it?

I’ve said in earlier posts (like this one) that life is a decision-tree. I think so are miracles. Miracles beget miracles, if you just look hard enough and acknowledge. And I think that’s exactly what Roald Dahl meant when he said that life is full of them!

  1. Bees knowing where to transfer the pollen
  2. A flower growing in the cracks of a parched land
  3. A deer knowing to pretend dead when it senses a predator (also see point 10!)
  4. Someone thinking of you at the same time that you’re thinking of them (better still when one of you calls)
  5. Unexpected help from someone
  6. A parent knowing just what his/her child needs
  7. Finding something you lost just when you need it (Murphy’s laws suggest the opposite usually happens but exceptions exist!)
  8. Messing up a recipe but ending up with a delightful dish based on your instincts (culinary “acci-provi-dence” that have graced many a kitchen!)
  9. Delayed gratification – receiving a blessing long after you were expecting it – whether it’s a life partner, a baby, a promotion, a lottery…..you name it!
  10. Intuition
  11. YOU – Yes, you reading this! You are a miracle – you’ve made a difference to someone’s life!
  12. I can go on and on and on but I invite each one of you add to the list – go on, if you’ve read this post, mention one miracle in the comments and make my day!! Who knows, you may make someone else’s too – you may be someone’s miracle!

Sometimes, we expect a miracle and don’t get it. That can feel frustrating and even make you question your belief in miracles. But hang in there, and life WILL give you a reason to believe in them all over again. Easier said than done, I know!

On a funny note, I can’t use the word ‘miracle’ without thinking of this incredibly funny scene from the Bollywood slapstick comedy film ‘Welcome’. No matter how many times I watch it, the scene never fails to crack me up! (I am laughing like a person possessed even as I post this!).

And on that note, here are the 5word5 of the day!


It was an unprecedented rainy day, a cloudburst. The city was flooding. The electricity went out, phones ran out of charge and all modes of transport came to a standstill. She just kept her head down and walked. Looking back, she has no clue how she made it home! Especially given her fear of water!

Shruti Pimplikar (blog)

He looked at his 8-year-old kneeling at the foot of her bed with her eyes closed. She was praying with an intense look on her face. He stood at the door waiting, not wanting to disturb her.

After she was done, he asked, “What were you praying for?”

“A miracle,” she said with a smile.

Dhiraj (blog)

Humanity is at its best when it divides itself. It could be the color of the skin, your class, god or no god, your native region or language. Each of these, a reason to differentiate. By this categorization, one would deem India to be a miracle surviving the abyss called humanity, don’t you think?

Anusha Arvind

If we really wish for what our heart desires the universe works in coherence with our thoughts and manifests it. This is what I read in Paulo Coelho’s ‘Alchemist’ around ten years ago. This is no miracle but just the power of intent with no contradicting thoughts. Just what we need right now in abundance!

So poignant, Anusha!!! 🙂 Yes, we should all be sending out these vibes into the universe just now!


5word5 theme 37 – Nothing

‘Nothing’ is the beginning of everything and everything starts from ‘nothing’!

A fresh start. A clean slate. A blank canvas. No past baggage and no set benchmark. Nothing can be more freeing than that, can it. Starting from ground zero! Maybe that’s why people are increasingly setting up their own companies and businesses. Start-ups are the fuel that Gen Y and millennials thrive on but the largest corporate empires were set up much before our time by people with the same aspirations – of creating something mammoth out of nothing. And stopping at nothing to realise their dreams.

‘Nothing’ can also be very empowering. Especially when you think about how ‘nothing is permanent’. Drawing strength and hope from an unflinching belief that ‘this too shall pass’ is what keeps us from giving up in the midst of testing times…… Including what we’re going through as a world right now.

‘Nothing’ is a tricky word in relationships. We’re always told to expect nothing so that we’ll never be disappointed. But I believe nothing great ever came out of expecting nothing. You don’t end up happy and contented when you expect nothing. You end up cynical and lonely. So what if all your expectations don’t come true? The ones that do live up will make up for the ones that don’t…..eventually anyway! So expect the best out of yourself and others…… Set the bar high! Nothing stops you from doing that!

And remember ‘Nothing’ always means something! As the lyrics of the song go – ‘You say it best when you say nothing at all’ (one of my favourite among the few English songs I’m familiar with and therefore part of my limited but very special English playlist – considering I’m more of a bollywood buff!) – sometimes our silence can say much more than our words! Here are the first two verses of this beautiful song!

It’s amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word, you can light up the dark
Try as I may I can never explain
What I hear when you don’t say a thing.

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There’s a truth in your eyes saying you’ll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me wherever I fall
You say it best, when you say nothing at all

So I won’t say any more – not even some last minute sweet nothings (!!) – and will jump into the lovely 5word5 of the day!!


She always asked him what he was thinking.
He always answered, “Nothing”.
When she caught him in his pensive moods, she learnt to ignore his frequent trips to the ‘nothingness’.
She wondered what he might be thinking, her mind branching out in different directions.
“What are you thinking, he asked?”
She smiled and answered, “Nothing”!

Nimesh Balaji Shinde

Nothing on my mind,
Just wish to be kind…

Nothing to do,
Just back from the loo…

Nothing on my plate
Not hungry of late…

No fancy clothes to wear,
That’s ok I swear…

Nothing to buy,
That’s alright, please don’t cry…

There are people who have nothing,
Yet they have everything in their lives…

Anusha Arvind

We have been battling the virus since a year now. It’s come back as a super spreader and seems scarier. It just seemed like there was a little light at the end of the tunnel few months ago. Now we are out of beds, ambulances, vaccines and even oxygen. Literally have nothing. Please stay indoors!

Anupama Menon

The train rushed through a pitch black tunnel. You could see nothing and just hear the wind whistling. In that darkness, he could still see her sitting in front of him – radinat, with a beautiful smile and mesmerizing eyes looking at him in quiet adoration. At that moment, he knew that he was in love.

Milan Singh Solanki

Oh! I have time
I can not be free
For I should use my time

Be productive
Be a busy bee
The ‘grind’ is valued here
Everyone thinks ‘that is the key’

Wish they could experience
the blissfulness of ‘nothingness’
Realise that
‘always busy’ is an ‘illness’

Oh! I have time
Setting myself ‘free’.

Julie P

Zilch. Nada. Zero.
Wiped clean from within.
A potion or a lotion doesn’t seem to help.
Just a bit lost to my self.
The days are flying like fragments of dust.
I am unable to explore,
and drink from fountain of galore.
Going about following a treacherous routine.
Just a lustreless machine.
Zilch. Nada. Nothing.


Jaanvi desired to write and publish a trilogy book. But she was not sure as to whether the books will have a good reputation. When she was thinking about this, her father walked into her room and motivated her by telling every successful person once started with nothing. Jaanvi felt satisfied and happily hugged him.


5word5 theme 36 – Spin

Does your head sometimes spin like this?

Source: Google images!

Sometimes in shock. Sometimes out of exhaustion. Sometimes in confusion. Sometimes in excitement even! We all have our days when things seem too much to deal with – in a good way or bad way, but too much nevertheless!

Our lives have become like fidget spinners that became all the rage a few years back – finding a permanent place at our work desks or our pockets and reminding us to keep doing something even when we’re not! Keeping our minds occupied even when our bodies want to rest. When you’re stressed or overworked, it’s common to feel like you’re mind is constantly in overdrive.

Source: Google images

We all work hard, at work, at home. And like wooden tops – day spins into night, then into day and into night again, day after day, week after week…… and our lives just go on. The lockdown has only made it worse, with little avenues for social interaction and even less opportunity to make every day count.

Source: Google images

But the important thing is – within the limits of what is permissible in this weirdly evolving situation, many of us have actually found new interests, new ways of doing old things, new friends perhaps, and maybe new things about old friends – for many of us, this time has meant finding new ways to connect with our loved ones and most importantly perhaps, new ways to connect with ourselves. And that has been like the rainbows after a storm – you’re not exactly looking for them but when you do see them, you can’t help but feel good!

When I was little, there used to be this really fun toy-cum-stationery product (and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for stationery) – a sketch pen attached to a top. As you spun the top, the sketch pen make these dispersing concentric circles – which basically show that thought it may seem like the top is spinning in one place, it’s actually moving further and further away from where it began its journey.

The truth is that we might feel like we are spinning in the same spot – our mundane lives – right now, but if you look back you’ll see how far you’ve come from where you started.

Maybe it’ll also also remind you that your life revolves around the people and things you love which will then make it seem less like a spinning top and more like a ballerina, spinning and twirling on her tippy toes, enjoying every moment of the dance!

So what are you going to be today? The top (or the fidget spinner if you will!) that is spinning on someone else’s command or a ballerina spinning to your own music!

Source: Google images

On that note, here are the 5word5 for the day!


She was the victim, she deserved to be heard. She kept telling herself that everything would be alright and told her story loud and clear. But as the witnesses took the stand one by one, it was clear that everyone was putting their own spin on it. The truth was buried. So was her dignity.

Anusha Arvind

The moon showed up too soon
It was dull and gloom
The winter breeze
Made them freeze
Children running behind the bushes
Winter go away! One of their wishes
Awaiting the warmth of spring
Joy the blossoms would bring
Little birds whistling
The mood was uplifting
It was perfect time to go for a spin!

Shruti Pimplikar (blog)

Take me for a spin,
I haven’t danced in quite some time.
We could stare into each other’s eyes,
As our bodies move to the rhyme.

Take me out for a ride,
I haven’t been out in a while.
We could let the wind fan our faces,
You could kiss me and I could smile.


It’s been two hours now, Vishnu had been spinning his wheels, accomplishing nothing and he couldn’t solve the database issue for his project. Eventually he thought he was overthinking to figure out the fix. Vishnu started to document his findings to publish a blog on how a pathetic design or planning will lead to complications


As he walked off, she couldn’t stop smiling. Her head was spinning with excitement. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! The man she had been eyeing all along had finally noticed her and asked her out. Maybe pulling all those strings to get a job in his company was worth it after all!


5word5 theme 35 – Never

The word “Never” always reminds me of quotes that talk about how humans are constantly under the illusion that they can control everything that happens to them. Quotes like these:

“Man doesn’t live for a hundred years, yet he worries enough for a thousand”.

“Man proposes, God disposes.”

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

I’m sure we’ve all heard these, or some variant of these quotes. And yet we use a word as strong as “never” so loosely and often quite emphatically.

If you’ve read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, he talks in his book about the law of attraction and how words like “No”, “Not”, “Never”, “Don’t” etc propounding further that the Universe does not understand the meaning of these words and therefore neglects them interpreting the affirmation without these words. So if you say something like “I never want to come here again”, apparently the Universe just ignores the word “Never” which it doesn’t understand and registers your request as an affirmative. A better way to say the same statement is perhaps “I want to be <somewhere else>”! Also helps if you want to ditch a bad habit, instead of telling yourself you’ll never do it again, try telling yourself what you will do instead of faced with a similar situation.

A lot of parenting material thay I constantly read up on these days also emphasize heavily on affirmative language and telling kids what they should do instead of what they shouldn’t. So if you think your child is running too fast and may fall, it is recommended to tell them something like “hey, be careful” or “run slowly” instead of shouting something counterproductive like “don’t hurt yourself”! Also better to say “always say the truth” rather than saying “never lie”! You get the drift! Words are indeed super powerful!

Kind of makes sense now – why people often tell us “Never say never”!

Which, by the way, seems to be the underlying thread in most of the 5word5 today! So without further ado, let’s get down to reading them!


Alice had heard about the butterfly effect. That day she caused it. When she bought a trinket from the cheerful girl at the signal, the girl happily exclaimed that she had now saved enough to pay her school fees for the year! You never know how a seemingly tiny action can set off significant events.

Dhiraj (blog)

And they say never. Never will I do this, never will I do that. Never have I ever , you get the drift. Or I promise you that I shall never ever. And they promise themselves a never galore. But the truth really is that promises are never unbroken. They are destined never to be kept!

Ashok Wahi (blog)

Never say never and remember that ever is always there in never. So even when you are saying never you know ever is part of that never. When you say never what you are actually saying is an emphatic No just now. Who knows you may have to do the Never ever after the never.

Anusha Arvind

Never say never
May thy voice not shiver
Neither fear nor tremor
Try and be clever
Build your confidence tower
Things may be in your favour
It’s all a part of your endeavor
All experience built up in a collector
Will make you a survivor
Tomorrow may be tougher
Yet you will be a winner!

Shruti Pimplikar (blog)

“I don’t know if I could ever go without,” she hummed as she danced to the Harry Styles number. The cozy one-bedroom apartment was all hers. Only dance could encapsulate how independent she felt right now. She was ecstatic. “Watermelon Sugar High,” she sang loudly as she flitted around. This feeling could never get old.

Julie P

“You always leave your filthy shoe marks on the floor!”, Mum yelled.
Rohan rolled his eyes. “This place is crazy. I am leaving as soon as I can.”
Today, the news of countries closing borders was making him nervous. He wondered if he could ever make it to see his dying mother. With clean shoes!


After many years, Govind met his school buddy Preethi. They both had a good time chattering about their school days. It seems Preethi never wanted to depend on her parents, so she lived alone from her college days till present. Govind introduced himself as a Kabaddi professional and Preethi said she is now a photojournalist.


5word5 theme 34 – Deep

Deep in a cavern, as a tramp waits earnestly for the golden rays of the rising sun to touch him through the crevices, shoals of fish scurry in the deep waters of the sea, some narrowly escaping becoming a meal and others not so lucky. Waves crash the shore sometimes carrying treasures hitherto hidden beneath.

As the sea merges into the ocean, bending around straits, gushing into trenches, a deep sea diver plunges into the depths, going deeper and deeper, until the beams of sunlight no longer illuminate the translucent waters around him. He soaks in the silent calm of a beautiful world that exists below the one we inhabit.

Back at the beach, the day progresses. The calm of dawn makes way for the chaos of crowds – first the distance swimmers, then the early picnickers, lovers, families and eager children. Hawkers and shack owners open shop. Sounds of deep-throated laughter, excited succesful shell seekers and the distant blaring of ship horns fills the air.

Amidst the crowd, a young woman with deep pockets, sunbathes in an expensive bathing suit and a pompous hat, having lavishly slathered on some deeply nourishing moisturiser and sunscreen lotion. When she’s done, she wraps her colourful sarong, folds her portable lounger and drives away in her fancy car with a swag that screams empowerment.

From the distance, the tramp watches her go. He glances at his family, waiting for some careless or generous picnickers to leave behind scraps. Many eyed them with a deep sense of disdain, some with genuine sympathy, some simply ignored them. Over time, he had learnt to identify those with beauty that was only skin-deep.

He held a deep seated desire in his heart that one day he’d build his family a place they could call home. He would be like the roots that dig deep and make themselves rough so the trees that stand on them can flower. He stares at the horizon as dusk settles over the ocean.

A couple sits on a solitary rock, deep in conversation, their fingers entwined and their eyes soaking in the sunset. Their bond deepens as they together watch the sky go from blue to yellow, orange to red, then a deep crimson until the blazing sun sets, carrying the promise of a brand new dawn tomorrow.

As sunset gives in to twilight, which in turn makes way for night, hundreds of shining stars and a faint crescent moon adorn the black velvety sky. The tramp wishes fervently as he sees a shooting star. He settles in to sleep, a smile on his face and a secret hope deep in his heart.

A rather long intro but I tried something different today – each of the above paragraphs is exactly 55 words!! A barrage of 5word5 your way!!

What to do? I’ve had a long day but I had to compensate for the late post by making it worth your while to read! So I hope you enjoyed it!

And on that note, moving on to the real 5word5 of the day!


The long, clandestine phone calls, weekend meetings, sudden dinner plans with “friends” – how could she not see through the telltale signs. It wasn’t until she saw “Sweetheart” flash on his phone for a number that wasn’t hers that she realised how deeply entrenched in the relationship she was and how blind it had made her!

Ashok Wahi (blog)

Kahin deep jalen kahin dil‘ was a favourite song of my youth. But I do realise that this deep is not the deep that Sloka is talking about. She is a smart and deep young lady and may not even know the song: Kahin deep jalen kahin dil. I hope my deep is good enough!

Haha, indeed uncle, this wasn’t the deep I was referring to but what is 5word5 if not the freedom of interpretation!! Happy to have rekindled some happy youthful memories for you!

Shruti Pimplikar (blog)

I found myself on an empty, abandoned road. There were plain green fields on both sides with no cars or humans in sight. I searched for the horizon on both sides. It was being elusive. I kept walking along the stretch feeling a deep sense of calm. This was one of my favourite dreams, yet.

Anusha Arvind

It was the first day as an intern. The time to practically apply all the acquired knowledge. Posted in the emergency. It was a busy night. The wounds were fresh, deep and oozing. There were tiny glass chips. The wound needed meticulous cleaning and neat closure. Tough job but was totally satisfied with the output.

Julie P

The bees and birds would surround him
on balmy summer evenings.
Ducks would walk past by him, but never really engage.
“Ha! Nothing here”, said the Men.
“Not a peep!”, quacked the ducks.
But then it shone brightly one autumn evening.
Revealing a thriving aquatic life. 
Did they really know,
that Still Water Runs Deep?

Anusha Arvind

The competition was getting intense. Each one had mastered the culinary skills in depth. The sound of the mustard seeds crackling, the aroma of the exotic spices and the exquisite finesse of the dishes left the judges in awe. The final task was a test of time management and skill. The winner was truly deserving.


Even though Govind had a decent season with “Chennai Legends” in Pro-Kabaddi League, Indian control board for Kabaddi didn’t select him for this year’s “South Asian Games”. He was unhappy and not in a mood to meet any channels and well-wishers. Govind was deeply worried by constantly consuming social media and taking in others’ thoughts.

Nicely combined themes 33 and 34, Snacky 🙂


Deep within her, a little life was taking form. One that would show them it is possible to love more deeply than they could imagine, care more for than themselves or anyone else in the world and feel their heart beat outside of their body. Oh! they had no idea what unbridled joys awaited them!


She mixed some dark blue, magenta, light red and black. She kept mixing till she got the perfect shade of deep aubergine purple she wanted. She smeared it all over her canvas, adding swirls of blue and black and a layer of scattered white spots to get the perfect galaxy to lose herself deeply in!